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phosphoricsex's Journal

phosphoric sex
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Kristin. Sixteen. Maine // The Creator                     Dave. Sixteen. Maine // The Obsessor


We are a community based on both looks and personality. We tend to be a little harsh at times but it's all in good fun. We expect you to promote when asked to promote and vote, of course, once you have been accepted. We encourage all members to participate in themes/contests, challenges and other activities around the community. If we see you've become less and less active we will mention something about it to you on your personal journal or in an entry in the community, and failure to state what is going on with you will end up in you being cut from the community. Also, make a post to let us know if you're going on vacation, or leaving the community so neither mod needlessly harasses members. Everyone here is expected to use livejournal cuts like crazy, every picture under a cut. We don't allow promoting of other communities on the community itself, however, you may promote away in comments on this entry. We also ask that all new applicants put 'Application' for either the subject of their application or the text on the livejournal cut of their application.

Copy & Paste this, and make sure you don't have rich-text mode turned on.
And Read The Rules before you post it.
And Strive For Creativity, we like that
And Remember Number Six, or it's bad news.